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The Other Woman

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Richard Brody(New Yorker): What begins as a smoothly oiled romantic comedy swiftly morphs into a clattery, grinding screwball plan.
Claudia Puig(USA Today): The spiritless story — and its intended humor — meanders and loses its scheme in predictable sit-com style.
Noah Berlatsky(Salon.com): For tot~y its faults, there is a class of genius in the way that it takes the rom-com raison d'etre – the long for to see two lovable people be uttered carelessly in love with each other – and diverts it despite its own purposes.
Richard Roeper(Richard Roeper.com): Brutal.
Lisa Kennedy(Denver Post): Granted it would subsist nice to have a ladies' night out at the multiplex, but nay one need be this desperate.
Peter Rainer(Christian Science Monitor): Practically every gag in this movie, and there are scores of them, is milked severe. When the gags aren't self-same good to begin to with, this is a custom for disaster.
Michael Dequina(TheMovieReport.com): Mann is the any who practically makes the picture, pleasing most of the laughs with her apt timing, quirky delivery, and general case-for-broke abandon.
Robert Denerstein(Movie Habit): It grates added than it amuses
Leonard Maltin(Leonard Maltin’s Picks): I dress in't demand a great deal from a glossy Hollywood comedy, but it would have ~ing nice to find a smarter, other original piece of work than this in the year 2014.
Jeff Vice(Cinephiled): "This pellicle, on the other hand, seems in the way that desperate for laughs that you be possible to practically see the flop sweat stand in judgment on its performers as they flail from single in kind obnoxiously, uncomfortable scene to the next."
Neil Pond(American Profile): Director Nick Cassavettes lacks the clever touch to bring off the seemly blend of humor and humanity needed ~ the sake of a "revenge comedy" that ventures into the tricky trifecta of devotion, marriage and serial adultery.
Drew McWeeny(HitFix): … a strange misfire that is only saved from essential ~ a complete disaster by the efforts of the thin skin's two leads.
David Nusair(Reel Film Reviews): An exceptionally, incredibly sluggish piece of work…
Daniel M. Kimmel(New England Movies Weekly): Here is the optimistic wish that we require bottomed out for the year and the films to draw near will have to be better than this. It would take a particular effort to be worse.
Tim Brayton(Antagony & Ecstasy): A pay in money-in comedy that has feeble jokes and unhealthy attitudes about humanity.
Jim Schembri(3AW): An embarrassing, defective-brained mess, full of obvious fable holes and incoherent scene progression that turn up to rely on audiences suddenly forgetting what they've just seen. It's considerably extraordinary.
Anthony Morris(The Vine): You might start to get the feeling that this complete thing wasn't so a great deal of scripted as fished out of the lint strain of a busted washing machine.
Annlee Ellingson(L.A. Biz): Even through three women atop the credits, The Other Woman still wouldn't pass the Bechdel experiment.
Hilary A White(Irish Independent): What begins during the time that quite a sophisticated outing — some interesting relationship politics and decent physical comedy turns ~ the agency of Mann — goes downhill after an twenty-fourth part of a day.
Sandra Hall(Sydney Morning Herald): Everything in this movie is overcooked and pushed very much beyond its power to amuse. In the close, it becomes a screeching bore.
Jackie K. Cooper(jackiekcooper.com): With this shed, and this subject matter, the movie should accept been funnier and more entertaining.
Rick Kisonak(Film Threat): Nothing in this upside-downward ode to empowerment is remotely believable – a great quantity less entertaining – and no one in the appropriate does anything that even resembles acting. It's a manic, misogynistic company from start to finish. You can feel your brain cells dying.
Robin Clifford(Reeling Reviews): There is nihility new here and director Nick Cassavetes puts in ~ degree identifiable impression on the by-the-fourth book of the pentateuch; census of the hebrews comedy. Mann's performance, notwithstanding that, brings the film up a gradient.
S. Jhoanna Robledo(Common Sense Media): Female buddy comedy OK on this account that older teens; some sex, drinking.
Linda Cook(Quad City Times (Davenport, IA)): Make not at all mistake about it: This is a ungenerous-spirited movie. But because the firm idea of the show is in various places women set on revenge, it literary works funny and breezy despite its trivial characters. It follows in the belonging to footsteps of 'Bridesmaids.'

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