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The German Doctor

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Tom Keogh(Seattle Times): Puenzo masterfully balances the pellicle's thriller edge with disturbing distinct parts about Mengele's obsession by genetic experimentation, as well as the community of German expatriates in Argentina helping practised Nazis elude arrest.
Michael O’Sullivan(Washington Post): Puenzo has a gewgaw for plumbing the heads and hearts of teenage girls. The counsellor coaxes a mesmerizing, unmannered performance out of Bado, who is making her lineament-film debut.
Adam Nayman(Globe and Mail): The German Doctor is skillfully made and acted, on the contrary without any sense of spontaneity or surprise – qualities required because any decent thriller.
David Thomson(The New Republic): The German Doctor is the couple predictable and oppressive.
John Anderson(Newsday): Amid the melodrama is a resonant, highly moral kind of horror movie.
Bob Mondello(NPR): 'The German Doctor' is not showy or melodramatic – just a humane of true-life horror story with respect to the helpful, soft-spoken monster in our thick.
Jay Stone(Canada.com): With his obsessive politeness to detail and understated menace, Gregor is a chilling scamp, as heartless as Lilith's doll. Evil, it appears, is not eternally banal.
Chris Sawin(Examiner.com): The German Doctor has the elements of a gripping thriller notwithstanding is never able to fully capitalize up~ piecing it all together into a worthwhile thin skin.
Frank Swietek(One Guy’s Opinion): A more willingly pallid, pedestrian telling of a apologue that screams out for more imaginative treatment.
Marjorie Baumgarten(Austin Chronicle): By giving let us go. the story's big publish at the very beginning, it infuses the film with a potent sense of apprehension rather than suspense.
Kelly Vance(East Bay Express): LucPuenzo's suspenseful dramatic literature successfully turns our stomach.
Anders Wright(San Diego Union-Tribune): "The German Doctor" walks a razor leaf between drama and horror …
T’Cha Dunlevy(Montreal Gazette): Even if you know the secret, you be able to't avoid getting caught up in the misgiving of LucPuenzo's insidious thriller The German Doctor.
Nora Lee Mandel(Film-Forward.com): This contemplative thriller takes a fresh look, from one side a girl's eyes, at a enigma usually treated in a more gloomy style . . .of how Nazis hid in level sight in Argentina.
Doris Toumarkine(Film Journal International): This intriguing drama benefits from the monstrous anti-illustrious personage at its center and the spectacular up~-location scenery where he finds shelter.
Mike D’Angelo(The Dissolve): There's precisely not much of real import in this in a certain sense-historical semi-thriller. It uses [Josef] Mengele in the same manner with a mystery to be solved, in that case makes him a flaccid bogeyman, goal never finds a good reason to behold him in exile.

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