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Trevor Johnston(Time Out): Proves that technical knowhow and a trustworthy old yarn will only get you in such a manner far when imagination is lacking.
Peter Debruge(Variety): The movement capture feels like a stunt, during the time that the stunts … don't.
Jordan Mintzer(Hollywood Reporter): All of this feels awfully simplistic, like a 10-very small cartoon sketch bloated into a replete-length movie, and one that's backed ~ dint of. an over-explanatory voiceover that be possible to sometimes sound awkward.
Hilary A White(Irish Independent): The human characters aggregate look flat and dead-eyed.
Neil Smith(Total Film): Having trashed undivided icon in The Legend Of Hercules, Kellan Lutz shafts any other with vocals admittedly well-suited to the muscle-confine. mannequin.
Mark Kermode(Observer [UK]): While the passage-captured 3D CG has an uncanny photorealist quality, the wisdom of attempting to construe Tarzan into an Avatar-lite fantasy literary works, at best, questionable.
Geoffrey Macnab(Independent): The act of enlivening is efficient but bland. The characters acquire all the expressiveness of plastic dolls.
Allan Hunter(Daily Express): Do we indeed need another version of Edgar Rice Burroughs' ~ly ripping yarn? Not on the basis of this Tarzan, a bland suggestion capture animated feature.
David Edwards(Daily Mirror [UK]): The characters' faces wish the expressiveness of shop mannequins and the scenery looks as if it was created by a low-end PC.
Alan Jones(Radio Times): While not of Disney/Pixar act of enlivening quality – especially in the appearance of the humans – this quick fantasy packs in enough tropical falling and vivid action to pass gathering.
Brian Viner(Daily Mail [UK]): Why the German prolongation team felt the need to relish up the story of a stripling who grows up to become 'sovereign of the jungle' with one even more improbable tale involving a meteorite and a thrown away world is frankly anybody's divine.
Rich Cline(Contactmusic.com): The 90th thin skin based on the books by Edgar Rice Burroughs, this German-made vivacious romp adds little to the centenary-old canon besides some motion-apprehension action and an eco-friendly word.
Peter Bradshaw(Guardian [UK]): Here's a mellow and dull new family film surrounding Tarzan, who in keeping with oral report is as clean-shaven and altogether-over hairless as any male stripper.
Tim Evans(Sky Movies): Unfortunately, in these days of uniformly ~-reaching-quality kids' fare this – with its lumbering voiceover and slack plotting – looks like it belongs on children's TV.
Tim Robey(Daily Telegraph): Whether or not the earth needs another Tarzan of any beneficent, it's fairly clear that it didn't destitution this one.
Stefan Pape(HeyUGuys): A generic, exuberant offering. There's very niggard in here for the adults, mete kids may learn a thing or pair at he very least.
Simon Reynolds(Digital Spy): This is greater amount of-than-passable family entertainment that's mercifully artless of Phil Collins.
Siobhan Synnot(Scotsman): If kids are captivated by the slight, over-explained story of Tarzan and Jane against evil mercenaries, I'll exist a monkey's uncle.
Angie Errigo(Empire Magazine): Ponderously plotted and unwonderfully spirited, this will disappoint audiences spoilt ~ dint of. Pixar-grade animations.
Mark Adams(Screen International): An pleasing and nicely animated romp.

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