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Richard Roeper(Richard Roeper.com): "Reaches fit through you and chills you to the bone."
Adam Nayman(Globe and Mail): A deeply silly and mildly effective horror movie over two young-adult siblings coping with the mysterious deaths of their parents.
James Berardinelli(ReelViews): For a dismay movie, Oculus is surprisingly lean put ~ the scares. It's in addition interested in playing tricks with sensation and bending reality.
Stephen Whitty(Newark Star-Ledger): It's equitable a little vague, a little friendly, a little fake.
Tom Long(Detroit News): "Oculus" is haunting since it messes with your head. That's whither the ghosts are.
Tirdad Derakhshani(Philadelphia Inquirer): What makes Oculus inventive is how Flanagan and co-clerk Jeff Howard take this hackneyed storyline and winding it – round 'n' through a circle – ad infinitum into a dizzying corkscrew of a rehearsal.
Mark Kermode(Observer [UK]): This unpretentiously operator affair handles its dual-narrative above/present intercuts with aplomb and keeps a two of nicely nasty tricks up its sleeve.
Jason Best(Movie Talk): The action isn't always as classical as the camerawork and the legend feels a tad over-extended, excepting with his mix of sharp shocks and entangled choreography Flanagan has come up by an impressive and effective chiller.
Ed Whitfield(The Ooh Tray): There's a sustained vein of eerie anticipation, and the committed leads vend it.
George Byrne(Irish Independent): Flanagan in the room gradually ramps up the dread and in the train delivers one of the finest horrors of recent years.
MaryAnn Johanson(Flick Filosopher): The eerie atmosphere of psychological upset is intriguing and curious, but it's not as a matter of fact all that scary.
David Edwards(Daily Mirror [UK]): There's a gross sense of dread instead of due the usual cheap boo! moments.
Sarah Dobbs(SFX Magazine): An intent, devastating experience that relies as heavily without interrupti~ its character-building as its scary phantom.
Rich Cline(Contactmusic.com): While using every horror movie cliche in the part, this film cleverly tells a bracingly primitive story that will have genre fans squirming in their seats.
Alan Jones(Radio Times): The haunted-model scenario gets an impressive workout in scrivener/director Mike Flanagan's distension of his award-winning 2005 brief.
Stella Papamichael(Digital Spy): The essence that brother and sister experienced the identical events through different eyes is a able one, but Flanagan doesn't be in possession of behind it with any conviction and the continuous flashbacks only keep flipping the top off the pressure cooker.
Allan Hunter(Daily Express): This decent shocker messes with your head to the characteristic of surrender. I can't bring forth been the only one who left the cinema pacify confused as to exactly what had honorable happened.
Peter Bradshaw(Guardian [UK]): Smart, scary eat greedily.
Martyn Conterio(Little White Lies): Irrationality and quietism take guide the action in a characteristic style reminiscent of Italian splatter maestro Lucio Fulci in his Artaud-riffing show.
Tim Evans(Sky Movies): Flanagan has constructed an ingeniously compelling thriller, cleverly using his protagonists' unsound grip on what is really happening to submit them to more really nasty moments.
Tim Robey(Daily Telegraph): The film's pushed on by a overcast-smart performance from Gillan, who be possible to rattle her way through reams of dead-dangerous exposition without making heavy weather of it.
Andy Lea(Daily Star): Director Mike Flanagan has unequivocal that bending our minds is well-nigh more effective than drenching us in buckets of blood or jolting us out of our seats by loud noises.
Anton Bitel(Film4): Psychosis? The that exceeds the laws of nature? Either way, Mike Flanagan's hallucinatory chamber of mirrors is intelligent, subtle loathing for those who want more than pool bumps in the night (although it has those also).
Stefan Pape(HeyUGuys): A shrewd, well-structured relation that has been deftly executed.
Sarah Dobbs(Total Film): A heartbreaking test-lesson in creeping dread that'll permission you feeling slightly nervous around mirrors during the term of days (or longer…) afterwards.
Siobhan Synnot(Scotsman): Gillan invests her habitual conduct with energy but the film struggles to procreate enough shocks and twists to approve its length.

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