February 10th, 2014 08:15

Nurse 3-D

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Frank Scheck(Hollywood Reporter): Director Doug Aarniokoski and co-screenwriter David Loughery be wanting to to infuse the overly familiar elements by the necessary dark humor.
Neil Genzlinger(New York Times): "Nurse 3D" isn't well-nigh as fun as a movie about a homicidal, sex-obsessed, clothing-indisposed health care provider ought to be.
Matt Donato(We Got This Covered): Nurse 3D shouldn't moil as well as it does, ~-end Paz De La Huerta's rapturous insanity makes for some memorably debaucherous midnight movie moments.
Rob Vaux(Mania.com): As welfare-to-be-bad movies go, Nurse is about as good as it gets. Or evil. Or… wait I don't know. Look, Paz de la Huerta is uncovered, okay?!
Mike McGranaghan(Aisle Seat): An at dawn frontrunner for Craziest Movie of 2014. This is each unapologetic exploitation flick, executed with catch of a buckle-in-cheek style. It's got royal line, boobs, and butts galore, plus a fate of outrageously gimmicky uses of the third part dimension.
Brian Orndorf(Blu-ray.com): Nurse doesn't infer all the way to the cessation. It's salacious, macabre, and visually qualified, but as a B-movie fireworks exhibit, it mostly launches duds.
Chris Alexander(Fangoria): No good sense what Nurse 3D is or isn't, being of the kind which an entertainment, it rocks.
Dustin Putman(DustinPutman.com): "Nurse" is additional curiosity than home run, but it is a trusty bet that no one will always be able to accuse it of conscious boring.
Felix Vasquez Jr.(Cinema Crazed): It's campy, through the top, and incredibly gory, and it's agreeable the kind of movie to assure late night screenings…
Peter Sobczynski(RogerEbert.com): I put on't quite have the invigorate to give it a full praise but I do have a confident affection for it and I wouldn't crave to discourage anyone from seeing it toward themselves if they were inclined to accomplish so.
Scott Weinberg(FEARnet): Moves really quick, offers a generous amount of shocks, and displays a slyly dark sense of humor.
Devin Faraci(ScreenCrush): It's steadfastly sleazy, and it's comical. It's the kind of untoward movie that a certain type of ingenious connoisseur longs to discover.
JimmyO(JoBlo’s Movie Emporium): …a visually enticing twenty-fourth part of a day and a half that is nothing loath to do just about anything to stir up. High art it is not, excepting if you are looking for a gracious time you might want to give this NURSE a call.
Ed Gonzalez(Slant Magazine): Rather than apprehension truly pained souls tangled in copious horror tropes, the filmmakers settle ~ the sake of retrograde anguish and warmed-over artistry.

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