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Martin Tsai(Los Angeles Times): The ground that bruised feelings can get discredited so far out of proportion and urge on a veteran cop to risk his name and jettison his entire career is simply preposterous.
Neil Genzlinger(New York Times): The dour "McCanick" banks path too much on what it is not telling us, making for a movie that thinks it's substance cryptically suspenseful but is really blameless annoying.
Jordan Hoffman(New York Daily News): It's a mock at the script doesn't show anything beyond loose-cannon-cop cliches.
Rex Reed(New York Observer): The and nothing else reason to suffer through a of forbidding look wack job called McCanick is to be careful the late Cory Monteith in his utmost film role.
Inkoo Kang(Village Voice): [A] numbingly dull series of dirty-cop clichthat abruptly builds to each ephemerally poignant climax.
Andrew Barker(Variety): A minute performance by Cory Monteith isn't sufficiency to salvage this drably derivative, infuriatingly improbable police drama.
Geoffrey Berkshire(Paste Magazine): Unfortunately, this initially rut and ultimately ridiculous cop-on-the-margin drama suffers from too many creative missteps.
David Noh(Film Journal International): The conspiracy of McCanick, sketchy to begin by, is made even more so ~ the agency of Daniel Noah's woozy, fragmented script, and direction by Josh C. Waller for which "clumsy" is almost moreover kind a description.
Mike D’Angelo(The Dissolve): Because Noah coyly reserves the motivation notwithstanding McCanick's vendetta as a third-act twist of sorts, much of McCanick plainly involves watching this tortured guy mowing tribe down for no apparent reason.
Tim Grierson(Screen International): This thriller badly overestimates its ableness to wring compelling drama from commonplace genre elements and an unsatisfying third act twist.
Simon Miraudo(Quickflix): Despite in addition employing a time-skipping narrative constitution, [McCanick] neatly walks the thin gloomy line of previous dirty cop movies. The greatest wickedness committed here is being too friendly.
David Nusair(Reel Film Reviews): …a in a great degree-from-fresh premise that's employed to consistently underwhelming and many times laughable effect…
Jason Gorber(Twitch): A tight small police story with a compelling allowing that slightly overwrought twist, McCanick is well executed merriment, and an appropriate showcase for Morse's lofty talents.

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