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Lucky Them

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Moira MacDonald(Seattle Times): "Lucky Them" has that strange gift: It leaves its audiences earnest and happy, as the best wildly picturesque comedies do.
Tom Long(Detroit News): Collette, considered in the state of amazing as she can be which time given something to work with, be able to't lift this limp record through sheer will.
Martin Tsai(Los Angeles Times): Director Megan Griffiths and writers Huck Botko and Emily Wachtel man out a female perspective that's cooling and engrossing without demonizing or objectifying men.
Christy Lemire(RogerEbert.com): Toni Collette radiates smarts, whim and a world-weary cool in "Lucky Them."
Rachel Saltz(New York Times): While Ms. Collette considerations Ellie and her emotions in a tough-minded plausibility, she have power to only hint at what the script fails to hand over: the complexities of a flawed woman's midlife conjuncture.
Peter Travers(Rolling Stone): For every one of its comic and sexual energy, Lucky Them is elevated chiefly by its touching gravity.
Ray Pride(Newcity): A fall out of distaff "High Fidelity," Megan Griffiths' stupid-burn character comedy set in the Seattle score scene holds unexpected charms.
S. Jhoanna Robledo(Common Sense Media): Offbeat wild dramedy has some swearing, sex.
Brian Orndorf(Blu-vision.com): Collette is stuck in of neither party, forced to make funny faces at the time the screenplay is unable to make ready dramatic guidance, which is a oft-repeated event in this ineffective picture.
Prairie Miller(NewsBlaze): A clown collection of colorful characters while concurrently probing scarred emotions and existential angst, accurately blending the daffy and dark sides of life. Along through the ambiguity of fame, and the essentials of existence that get lost in the continuous experiment.
Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat(Spirituality and Practice): An entertaining dramedy encircling love, loss, middle age, and the art of acceptance.
Marshall Fine(Hollywood & Fine): Church is a droll marvel..But the film ultimately succumbs to the couple obvious plotting and the law of diminishing returns.
Chris Klimek(The Dissolve): Here's a 41-year-primitive woman in a layered, complex role, in a film that's at least as interested in her evolution as it is in that of the masculine characters surrounding her
Mike D’Angelo(AV Club): Every formerly in a while, it's definite to have a good movie shirk up on you unawares. Lucky Them is in the manner that sneaky as they come.
Roger Moore(McClatchy-Tribune News Service): Slight, ~-end certainly Netflixable
Tim Grierson(Screen International): Toni Collette's sass and grownup sex appeal go a long way to selling Lucky Them, a loveable except somewhat disposable comedy.
Abhimanyu Das(Slant Magazine): It labors in a less degree than the illusion that an abundance of Sub Pop memorabilia is suitable substitute for the honest evocation of a creative subculture and the personalities of that it's composed.

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