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Last Vegas

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Bruce Diones(New Yorker): The film, directed by Jon Turteltaub, has every easy but mediocre charm.
James Berardinelli(ReelViews): The actors represent with multiple safety nets and the closest the film ever comes to taking a put in peril is having Freeman dance to a comprise of Earth Wind & Fire's "September."
Richard Roeper(Richard "This is the like "The Hangover Part 43."
Peter Rainer(Christian Science Monitor): It's deleterious enough when Hollywood casts women more than the age of 30 as grandmothers-in-abeyance. Now we have to endure ~y onslaught of famous veteran actors querimonious about their hips.
Liam Lacey(Globe and Mail): A preholiday bubble that's mildly risqund a portion sentimental.
Peter Howell(Toronto Star): De Niro and Douglas weirdly personate a character versions of their real selves, as long as Freeman and Kline ham it up for example if they're auditioning on account of a reality show called Gramps Gone Wild.
Matthew Toomey(ABC Radio Brisbane): It's almost from perfect but there's a stratum of sentimentality that makes Last Vegas easier to digest.
Jim Schembri(3AW): It's Old Men Gone Mild in this ultraist-predictable, decently funny mashing of The Hangover and The Bucket List.
Ed Gibbs(FILMINK (Australia)): Jon Turteltaub's ''pre-existing men behaving badly'' rude girl does more than merely pander to expectancy. Beyond the noise of the devastate lies a buddy comedy with spirit.
Leigh Paatsch(Herald Sun (Australia)): No surprise to visit Robert De Niro here. Write him a self-conceited enough cheque and he'll practise the school play of your precious.
Andrew L. Urban(Urban Cinefile): With stars of this scope, the movie can't subsist all bad, and it ain't. It's righteous hollow
Louise Keller(Urban Cinefile): Not the same of Fogelman's good scripts. Like The Guilt Trip, that relied forward the casting of Seth Rogan & Barbra Streisand, this puerile premise of four 60 something guys title to Vegas for a last hurrah is counting on star power through little else to offer
John Beifuss(Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)): The gentle misadventures and late-life epiphanies dress in't so much suggest a Geritol 'Hangover' in the same proportion that an all-male special episode of 'The Golden Girls.'
Blake Howard(2UE That Movie Show): Last Vegas is double AND zero. It wins big with Freeman's temper and Kline's surgeon-like timing and flails miserably with everything associated with relationship between Douglas and DeNiro.
Nigel Floyd(Film4): A diverting, touching and surprisingly fleet-footed comedy nearly a quartet of 60-plus male friends who are determined to enlarge old (dis)gracefully.
Ed Whitfield(The Ooh Tray): It's any thing for Morgan Freeman to coach every ignorant young buck on respect as far as concerns the ladies, another for the corresponding; of like kind flick to ogle them, patronise them and circumstances them as plot balm to reconcile two male characters.
Xan Brooks(Observer [UK]): De Niro, Douglas, Freeman and Kline company about Last Vegas with the panache of a lifetime's continued.
Graham Young(Birmingham Mail ): [Michael] Douglas's turn. to laugh at himself by proposing at a burial is priceless ( … ) the film succeeds for the most part through the warmth of its camaraderie subduing the adult tone of its humour.
Stephen Carty(Flix Capacitor): More than precisely a geriatric cash-in on The Hangover, this likeable mob-pleaser is surprisingly funny and enjoyable. It's superior to see Morgan Freeman playing inebriated, while Kevin Kline steals the expound.
Charlotte O’Sullivan(This is London): The unit ray of sunshine: surely anything by the word "Last" in the inscription is incapable of spawning a continuation?
Donald Clarke(Irish Times): Far from being liberating, the film ends up swinging pair fingers towards the retirement home.
Stella Papamichael(Digital Spy): You may have ~ing able to tap out every belabor of the story before it's been played, except you'll go along by it because of so much asterisk charisma and a heady party air.
Sam Bathe(Fan The Fire): I demise concede that there were 3 scenes what one. pulled something between a chortle and a guffaw from me, but by that time they came beside, my face had already set into so a stony grimace that smiling genuinely detriment.
Henry Fitzherbert(Daily Express): The draw lacks big laughs and a compelling tale and doesn't have plenteous to stay about getting older.
Mike McCahill(Guardian [UK]): As put ~-screen noses are wrinkled at the individual bikini-clad partygoer approaching the leads' advanced years, undivided starts to feel the toes flexure, or possibly empathetic rigor mortis setting in.

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