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Best Night Ever

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Todd Gilchrist(The Wrap): Anyone who be possible to sit through the whole thing and smile approvingly subsequently gets my sympathy, and also apparently deserves some kind of award with regard to delivering a performance more convincing than at all ever seen in one of their films.
Joe Leydon(Variety): Serial spoofers Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer venture a new low with their ~ and foremost 'original' comedy.
Heather Baysa(Village Voice): Best Night Ever seems marketed to women end made for frat house consumption.
Brent Simon( What's unswerving about Best Night Ever begins and ends with its cast, who have a correct rapport. The film, however, settles into a manic groove that is at once nonsensical and friendly.
Jen Chaney(The Dissolve): Nearly every one of the film's attempts at comedy is clich vapid, or forced-sometimes all three at formerly
Kevin Carr(7M Pictures): Friedberg and Seltzer buy and sell in one gimmick for another.
Sheila O’Malley( Comedy requires a greater degree delicate, specific touch, but here, the appearance is slowly let out of the balloon taken in the character of the scenes limp forward.
Christine N. Ziemba(Paste Magazine): The pellicle tries to make up for the want of an original story with c~ing-the-top antics that, most of the time, aren't comical.
Brian Orndorf( This is one awful picture from start to elaborate — a cruel cinematic joke perpetrated through two filmmakers who've turned failure into daily business.
Ignatiy Vishnevetsky(AV Club): Likely to exist appreciated only by homeless viewers who want a quiet place to nap for the time of the cold months of winter …
Edward Douglas(ComingSoon.snare): These quote-unquote filmmakers have zero to offer the world of comedy or film and I've given up calamitous to figure out why people retain giving them money.
Roger Moore(McClatchy-Tribune News Service): Doesn't live up to its term, but it has more than its allotment of surprising bridesmaids-behaving-badly laughs.
Abbey Bender(Slant Magazine): The filmmakers shape sure their female protagonists constantly await immature and irresponsible, and are purpose on punishing them for wanting to desire a good time.

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