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Maxim de Winter, still troubled by the death of his first wife Rebecca, falls in love with a shy ladies’ companion. They get married, but the second Mrs. de Winter discovers that Rebecca still has a strong hold on everyone in the house, particularly on Mrs. Denvers, the housekeeper, who begins driving the young wife to madness.

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The Great Dictator

During the last days of the First World War, a clumsy soldier saves the life of devoted military pilot Schultz. Unfortunately, their flight from the advancing enemy ends in a severe crash with the clumsy soldier losing his memories. After quite some years in the hospital, the amnesia patient gets released and reopens his old barber shop in the Jewish ghetto. But times have changed in the country of Tomania: Dictator Adenoid Hynkel, who accidentally looks very similar to the barber, has laid his merciless grip on the country, and the Jewish people are discriminated against. One day, the barber gets in trouble and is brought before a commanding officer, who turns out to be his old comrade Schultz. So, the ghetto enjoys protection from then on. Meanwhile, Dictator Hynkel develops big plans, he wants to become Dictator of the whole world and needs a scapegoat for the public. Soon, Schultz is being arrested for being too Jewish-friendly, and all Jews except those who managed to flee are transported into Concentration Camps. Hynkel is planning to march into Osterlich to show off against Napaloni, Dictator of Bacteria, who already has deployed his troops along the other border of the small country. Meanwhile, Schultz and the barber manage to escape, guised in military uniforms. As luck would have it, Schultz and the barber are picked up by Tomanian forces and the barber is mixed up with Hynkel himself. The small barber now gets the once-in-a-lifetime chance to speak to the people of Osterlich and all of Tomania, who listen eagerly on the radio.

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One Night in the Tropics

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Waterloo Bridge

Just before World War I British officer, and he revisits the Waterloo Bridge just before World War and he was left in front of the young man recalled the start of the meeting was a young ballerina. Myra with him in the past, out of the old Ballet is a curfew. She's on the streets of London, died in action since she was a true love, I expect to hear is falling too low. But he has not been killed. She and her since he and his family to find a country to take these terrible bad dream in the real estate was nothing compared to the mummy is the hope.

차 세계 대전 직전 영국의 장교의 워터루 브리지 revisits 그리고 그는 세계 대전과 그 직전에 그는 왼쪽 앞에서 만난 젊은 발레리나의 시작이었다 젊은이 회상했다. 마이라 그와 함께 과거의 묵은 통금에 쫓겨 발레단이다. 그녀는 런던의 거리에서, 이후 그녀는 진정한 사랑을 행동에서 사망했다고 듣고도 낮은 시켜주 떨어지고있다. 하지만 그는 살해되지 않았습니다. 이후 로이는 그녀와 그녀에게 자신의 가족을 찾아 이들 걸립 나라를 끔찍한 년 부동산 나쁜 꿈에 비하면 아무것도 아니었다 미라의 희망입니다.

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Pride and Prejudice

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet have five unmarried daughters, and especially Mrs. Bennet is eager to find appropriate to their husbands. When the rich single gentlemen Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy are living in the vicinity, the Bennets have high hopes. But pride, prejudice and misunderstandings, to combine all their relationship is complicated and difficult to happiness.

Pan i pani Bennet mają pięć córek stanu wolnego, a szczególnie pani Bennet jest chętny, aby znaleźć odpowiednie dla ich mężów. Gdy bogaty jednym Pan szanowne Bingley i pan Darcy się żyć w pobliżu, w Bennets mieć duże nadzieje. Ale pycha, uprzedzeń i nieporozumień, aby połączyć wszystkie komplikuje ich relacje i trudne do szczęścia.

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Inventor Gepetto creates a wooden puppet called Pinocchio. Be his wish, Pinocchio, a real boy, is unexpectedly granted by a fairy. The fairy asks Jiminy cricket to act as the “conscience” from Pinocchio and to keep him from difficulties. Jiminy is not too successful in this attempt, and the biggest part of the film is given with Pinocchio deeply in difficulties.

Erfinder Gepetto schafft eine Holzmarionette genannt Pinocchio. Sein Wunsch, der Pinocchio, ein echter Junge sein, von einer Fee unerwartet gewährt wird. Die Fee beauftragt Jiminy Kricket damit, als “das Gewissen” von Pinocchio zu handeln und ihn aus Schwierigkeiten zu behalten. Jiminy ist in diesem Versuch nicht zu erfolgreich, und der grösste Teil des Films wird mit Pinocchio tief in Schwierigkeiten ausgegeben.

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